The Rate is a person-to-person online lending platform that operates efficiently by connecting those who seek the best credit options and have an excellent track record directly with investors. In addition to being experts in refinancing and offering rates of up to 50% less than traditional banks. He is part of the group RESOLVE, Mexican company fintech with 7 years of experience in this type of financial services. Another particularity of this company is that it is a financial crowdfunding platform, or what is the same, on the one hand there are people like you and me who want to invest their money, and lend it to people who need it.


Personalized rates: ranging from 9.9% to 28.9%, being the best rate to reward your good credit history.

Credits of large quantities.

Broad repayment terms without fines for early payment.

No guarantee is necessary as a guarantee of payment.


loan requirements,money

  • It is highly advisable to have a good credit history.
  • You must show your ability to pay the loan, either with a payroll or proof of your income.
  • Be a resident in Mexico, for this you must show proof of address by means of a recent invoice or direct debit.
  • Proof of your income for the last 3 months. The payroll of your work for example.
  • Your bank account statement To ensure your solvency.
  • Recent tax returns.
  • Be in possession of a bank account in the name of the owner who will apply for the loan.

Loan details:


Large amounts that can vary, from 20000 pesos to 350000.

The repayment terms range from 6 months to 3 years.

Personalized fixed rate of 9.90% up to 28.90% per annum. The CAT without VAT can vary from 11.75% to a maximum of 48.64%.

Once you accept the offer, you will have access to the online platform, where investors can anchor you, and the cash deposit will be made in the bank account informed, along with a payment receipt to verify that all the information received is correct .

Payment Methods:

  • The method used to make the repayment of the loan, will be by bank transfer. If you wish you can direct these payments through your bank account and automate them biweekly or monthly, as best suits your needs or preferences.

Other data of interest:

  • Possibility of canceling the credit in advance, by paying without penalty of advance payments.
  • The opening fee will be deducted from the amount of the loan and will range between 3% and 5%, depending on the term and the credit profile, and of course it will not be charged in advance.
  • The rate rewards being a good payer of your credits, so if you have left a loan without paying in the past it is possible that you appear in lists of defaulters and the rate will not grant you the requested amount.